Edgy meets classic. We love it! And a warm welcome to our newest designer, Emmaleen Miller!

So…an extremely edgy client moves in to a very classic home. How do you merge the disparities? Create “classic” molding in an edgy asymmetrical surround design, and paint them tone on tone white to match the wall and background, so the “edge” is subtle and classic. See the awesome idea above – click to enlarge.  The shapes were originally inspired by my Marc Jacobs’ faceted cell phone cover, also above. (Thank you, Marc Jacobs for the inspiration!)

We then created a modern open 7 foot concrete fireplace that transitions into a comfy bench seating with custom pillows. Match the concrete color to the off-white moldings and voila! New, interesting, different, sophisticated. MAS!

Attached is the design drawing – special thanks to our newest designer, Emmaleen Miller for the fab renderings and killer design instincts.  (We are totally crazy for you already.  Can’t wait to see what amazing things you will come up with in the years to come!)

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