Made in America. Twice.

We must give props for a good thing. MAS is installing Everett and Shilling Reclaimed Barnwood tile for a commercial project we are working on. We wanted to give a shout out to these guys for creating a truly successful sustainable product.  The varied depths and lengths create a unique, “hand-rendered” texture.  Not to mention its durability, dimensionality, and approachable good looks!

We are using the Boardwalk pattern (top image) in whitewash finish to bring a warm, welcoming aesthetic to a multi-use office building in SOMA. We think it is just perfect for our concept and especially for the creative character of the building users. Who wouldn’t want to interact with these instead of a generic white tile? Our concept for this project is “nostalgia”, so the low-key, outdoors vibe is perfect. (Chic nostalgia, no?) You’ll have to stay tuned if this concept perplexes you…

The reclaimed barnwood tiles have a low VOC finish, are a reclaimed product (Use it. Twice.) that gives a nice nod to the ranch history of the West, and are just simply comfortable. Like “going to work and wearing your fuzzy slippers” comfortable. We’re thrilled whenever we find a product with the rare combination of beauty AND brains, and can’t wait to show you the finished product.

E&S Tile also has a pretty fantastic upcycled wood tile collection – whitewashed image above –  not from barns but various sources. I am not a fan of the term “upcycled” when the secondary product is not executed to an equal or preferably higher level, but this tile has earned the term…

Check these tiles out!  Do good.


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