MAS designs our first Designer Showcase for one lucky little girl!

MAS was thrilled to hear from Children’s Support League (CSL) to participate in their annual Designer Showcase in an incredible Georgian colonial in Piedmont.  What an amazing charity event, as well as an incredible opportunity for our young firm.  CSL invites several designers to each design one or two rooms in a historic home, then they host a tour, where donors visit the home and have a chance to see not only the home but also what the designers have done with their spaces.  The event is really quite fun, and designers are encouraged to have a little fun (aka take risks) to keep people engaged and coming back year after year.  You know we love to push the boundaries.  It’s fun!  But the architecture demanded respect so we had fun balancing both sides of our design minds!  We worked hard, we played hard, and we met some amazing people along the way.  We’ll never forget it (for more reasons than the insane pink lacquered walls being burned into our eyes).  Enjoy!

“Heart on Fire”

A 9 year old girl needs a space that will reflect her transition from the carefree life of a child, to a sophisticated young lady.  Mood and Space Design (MAS)’s goal for this space was to create just that.  To give plenty of room for limitless advancement, self-reflection, and art, without neglecting the lighthearted whimsy and imagination that we strive to keep with us as we mature.  This kind of “heart on fire” goal can lead only toward success and happiness.  MAS has created a carefully curated room that cannot be held captive by confining categories of design.  The traditional details are a nod of respect to the history and architecture of the home.  The modern and quirky elements add unexpected and playful surprises that hopefully will remind young girls to “color outside of the lines” in design and also in life.  The unexpected, sophisticated mint/cream color palette in the bedroom creates a personalized sanctuary, while the bright, lacquered walls of the bathroom practically demand a smile.  The edgy juxtaposition of luxe sophistication and California approachability is a specialty of MAS, and we hope you enjoy this space as much as we loved creating it.

Special thanks to Children’s Support League for inviting us to participate in this amazing, inspired fundraiser.  To help Oakland kids, visit their website:

Also we raise our glass to the AMAZING vendors for their hard work and donations.  We owe you our first born.  You might be waiting a while!  xo

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