Pour some out.

This weekend I had the chance to reconnect to a dear friend over a bottle of champagne at brunch. A simple indulgence can go a long way. I went home, blissfully lazy and content, and gently suggested that my husband NOT go to the store, NOT clean up and NOT take a walk around the lake for exercise. Sometimes the “shoulds” can take over and then whose life is it that we have so carefully prepared? I love that we are organized, proactive, healthy…but what we needed on this particular day was some time off from being on top of things. Some “gaze at the lake, read a book, slip into a nap” time. And it suited us. And the errands will still get done. But they will be done by happy, relaxed people who have also taken a moment to do precisely what they want – if only for a few hours. So in the theme of bubbly, I want to pour some out for my homies that remind me that sometimes I’ve just done enough already. Once in a while I just need to NOT.

Cheers! To nothing…and to life.

In honor of Binnie – who knew how to sit on her terrace and soak up the sun.

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  1. Emmett Schkloven says:

    I love this – thank you

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