…truth be told, we’ve been “on the block” since January yet somehow it has always been our home. I guess now everyone else will know where our home is.

Digging our new exterior sign – the construction-grade materials are a nod to the industrial port history of the Jack London Square area in Oakland and our adaptive re-use of the 1930s brick electric building. You know how we do.

Come down and check it out! 315 Washington St., (between 3rd and 4th), Oakland, CA 94607

Side-note: You could even do some co-working with us! www.portoffices.com A great way for creative people to be able to afford a professional space and hang out with some really smart and talented people. (And if you get tired of that, we’re down the hall, too!) 😉

…that being said, many, MANY thanks to The Port’s owners and it’s awesome inhabitants. Thanks for believing in Mood and Space when we were mere babes and for your commitment to our wonderful little neighborhood. Thanks for being our little family-away-from-family. (And also, for always being ready for a martini when needed.)

And many apologies for the title reference above. You know I can’t help myself.