Trophy mantle.

Team MAS has been out on the town! Doing some serious hob-nob-elbow-rubbin’ kind of networking. Trying to get out the good word about this new little start up that we call Mood and Space Design. (Side note – *we’re exhausted*). Industry events, although educational and certainly productive, can sometimes feel like a bit of a drain after a very long day. Not so at Ann Sacks San Francisco’s event in September, where Vicente Wolf was debuting his new tile line! (Which is stunning, by the way. Sculptural, elegant, modern but with a classic feel. Lovely. Check it out: Vicente Wolf for Ann Sacks)

We still can’t believe what a great time we had meeting Vicente! You know that we don’t design swoon often, and we know it’s not a good look. But we’re going to embrace our inner design nerds just this once because it was such a great experience for us. Vicente really does have incredible talent, and his combinations of contemporary minimalism with antiques allow for charm and elegance – a beautiful juxtaposition. Needless to say, we are extremely impressed. Doesn’t happen often.

But meeting him as a person – design aside – was a special treat for us. He was just simply human and took time to listen and to consciously mentor. We were particularly impressed with his approachable nature – and his sense of humor! We just may have enjoyed some, “off duty” language, directed with a sly grin, muttered under his breath. We are always thrilled to be in on an inappropriate joke or two!

We may have even charmed Vicente. He certainly charmed us. I do believe he gets it. You know, the grand “IT” in life – decency, humility, design, cocktails and a bit of cursing, when necessary…

…we admit that we are probably reading into things, but allow us this indulgence. Anyway, please enjoy these lemongrass-martini-laden photos. They’re going on our trophy mantle.

Thank you, Vicente!