Pour some out.

This weekend I had the chance to reconnect to a dear friend over a bottle of champagne at brunch. A simple indulgence can go a long way. I went home, blissfully lazy and content, and gently suggested that my husband NOT go to the store, NOT clean up and NOT take a walk around the lake for exercise. Sometimes the “shoulds” can take over and then whose life is it that we have so carefully prepared? I love that we are organized, proactive, healthy…but what we needed on this particular day was some time off from being on top of things. Some “gaze at the lake, read a book, slip into a nap” time. And it suited us. And the errands will still get done. But they will be done by happy, relaxed people who have also taken a moment to do precisely what they want – if only for a few hours. So in the theme of bubbly, I want to pour some out for my homies that remind me that sometimes I’ve just done enough already. Once in a while I just need to NOT.

Cheers! To nothing…and to life.

In honor of Binnie – who knew how to sit on her terrace and soak up the sun.


Poolside is where it’s at. Went to Chambers’ Eat and Drink (we took part in the “drink” portion) in S.F. this weekend for a friend’s birthday and didn’t realize quite what I had been missing! Adjacent to the iconic Phoenix hotel, this pool-adjacent-restaurant-bar-hotel really inspired me! Rock and Roll meets SF foodie meets high design. […]

Pretty and weird. She has it all.

Thank goodness for clients that take fun risks! We are installing this chandelier in a client’s guest bedroom and I personally am a bit obsessed. (Imagine that!) Made of wood and iron, this sculptural piece by Arteriors has an authentic, “hand-rendered” vibe that I enjoy. The fretwork is unique – even a bit grotesque. (Which […]

So pink it Stangs.


Sometimes downtown Oakland gives you a nice little happy moment. This morning’s was this amazing car. I pass it every day on my way to work. It makes me happy to think, “so pink it Stangs” at least once daily. I especially love that the owner seems to work in a can upcycling center, full of off-beat Raiders’ sculptures made of tin cans and such. …so he/she really has a diverse design palette, it seems. Anyhoo…today the light was just right, so…enjoy!

Fear is stupid.

Why are we all so afraid of the outdoors? We are human! We are programmed to perch. To enjoy the view. Views are freedom from predation. In modern terms, they are sanctuary. We create sanctuary in our homes, but often neglect the beauty, the simplicity, the organic Zen of our own outdoor spaces. Fresh air. Clean mind. Cocktails on the porch! (In this case, the “porch” is Donna Karan’s “Urban Zen”, but we can all take a lesson from her book…)